4T..I-40 Turns Five Years Old This Spring!

It is hard too believe that this spring, 4T…I-40 Church Consulting Services will be celebrating its fifth anniversary. Started in May 2013, the ministry has conducted consultations, workshops, and retreats for over 20 churches and Christian organizations. In addition, 4T..I-40’s pulpit supply/speaking engagements have taken place in at least 26 different churches including opportunities to preach for several weeks in a number of congregations. 2017 was a busy year as the consultant preached at least 30 times during the year. In all of this, all glory goes to God who has opened up a number of doors for this service to continue. Praise be to God!

4T…I-40’s primary focus in 2018 continues to provide affordable consultation, training and speaking services particularly for the small church. In the coming months, 4T..I-40 will be taking a hiatus from June 9-July 27. But if your church would like for 4T…I-40 to lead a workshop or retreat, conduct a small church consultation, or need your pulpit supplied, feel free to call/text 607-857-5174 or email at info@consulting-pastor.com. 4T…I-40 has open dates in August through the rest of 2018.


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