The Latest News: Fall 2018

4T..I-40 continues to provide church consulting services designed especially for small congregations. This fall, the ministry has been involved in a number of opportunities. In order to better equip lay leaders and lay pastors for current and future ministry, 4T…I-40’s consultant has taught a ten-week Church Administration class offered online in cooperation with the American Baptist Churches of New York State. 4T..I-40’s consultant also participated in a workshop with two other pastors on Baptism, Weddings, and Funerals. This workshop was conducted to equip lay pastors and pastors for these essential ministries.

In November, 4T…I-40’s consultant will be leading a conflict resolution seminar at a local church. This one day workshop is designed to assist the church by helping it to be more effective when differences arise.

4T…I-40 continues to provide pulpit supply for churches needing a preacher to fill an empty pulpit.  4T…I-40 is available to provide pulpit supply especially in the New York/Pennsylvania area.

4T…I-40 is available in the coming months to provide a number of services. Be sure to navigate this web site to see the various services that are available.

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