About 4T…I-40

4 T…I-40 is a consulting ministry that seeks to equip any church that is going through any type of transition whether it would be through a pastoral change, a change in the church or the community, a change due to a crisis in the church, or any other kind of transition.  This ministry derives its name from its motto which is “Transformation Through Transitional Times” and the passage in Scripture which says, “They will soar like eagles” from Isaiah 40:31.

Many congregations are discouraged and have grown weary. The mission of a church consultation conducted by 4T…I-40 focuses on creating a revived church in order that it might reach new heights in fulfilling God’s call. This ministry seeks to help churches that are in transition whether the church is in a period of growth or decline. This ministry is confident in the power of God to transform the church so that it can soar and prosper with its ministry in a changing world.  4T…I-40 is committed to making its ministry available to even the smallest congregation in a way that will be affordable and tailored for each church’s individual needs.