A New Year is Coming. What are God’s Plans for Your Church?

Christmas time is a busy time of year and often thinking about God’s vision for your church is the last thing on your mind. But in just a few weeks, a new year begins and God wants great things to happen in your church. 4T..I-40 exists to help your church look at its ministry and how it can impact your community for the gospel. 4T..I-40 offers a number of services whether it be a church consultation, a retreat, a workshop, or even pulpit supply. 4T…I-40 specializes particularly in helping small churches during periods of transition.

As you begin to pray about the coming year, why not consider using our services to give you a fresh look at your ministry and God’s direction. Feel free to text us at 607-857-5174 or send an e-mail to info@consulting-pastor.com

4T…I-40 is Available to Help Your Church!

Summer will soon end and, before we know it, autumn will be upon us. After a time of vacations and recreation, the fall season is also a perfect time to start a new season of ministry in the church. To assist your congregation, 4T…I-40 is available to provide a number of consultation services tailored made for your church. Feel free to browse around our web site to find out what services 4T…I-40 can provide for your church.

Feel free to contact us at info@consulting-pastor.com. If you do so, you can request a free diagnostic tool just for your church. Just make a note in your reply that you wish to receive the diagnostic tool.

Welcome to Our New Web Site!

Welcome to 4T…I-40 Church Consulting Service’s new web site. Feel free to browse and find out the church consultation services provided along with some information about our consultant. 4T…I-40 is committed to providing affordable consultation services for even the smallest congregation. If you have ant questions, feel free to contact us at info@consulting-pastor.com or call or text us at 607-857-5174.